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Steel Construction Manual, 16th Edition

The Steel Construction Manual is the authoritative reference for professionals who design, fabricate, and build with structural steel. Now in its 16th edition, the current manual features:

  • New 50 ksi design tables
  • Properties and dimensions for 210 new HSS
  • Revised and expanded discussion of prying action
  • Updated discussion on the chevron effect, as well as new information and a new table on wrap-around gusset plates
  • and more! 

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Design Guide 1: Base Connection Design for Steel Structures (Third Edition)

This guide covers detailed analysis and design guidance on base connections. Years of research contributed to the significant expansions included in the design guide in areas of seismic design and embedded base connection design. Guidance is also offered on the simulation of base connections in finite element models. Extensive design examples are included.

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Design Guide 40: Rain Loads and Ponding

This design guide provides an in-depth review of rain loads and ponding effects to help design professionals properly and efficiently design for ponding on roofs constructed with structural steel, open web steel joists, and joist girders. It includes several recommended methods of analysis that can be used to consider the effects of ponding, methods of design accounting for ponding effects, and a presentation of the SJI Roof Bay Analysis Tool. These methods are thoroughly discussed and then demonstrated with many helpful design examples.

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Design Guide 24: Hollow Structural Section Connections (Second Edition)

This updated design guide updates 性视界传媒鈥檚 resources for HSS connection design, greatly expanding upon the background discussion for each connection. The thorough explanations of the relevant limit states and the experimental results for each connection lend the reader an invaluable insight into the rationale behind each connection design procedure. The expanded guide includes many new connection types and a dozen new design examples.

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Design Guide 39: End-Plate Moment Connections

This design guide centralizes 性视界传媒鈥檚 existing design procedures for end-plate moment connections (Design Guides 4, 16, and 性视界传媒 358-22 Chapter 6) into a single consistent document. It includes an extensive literature review, thorough discussions of design concepts, updated design procedures consistent with the latest research, and many (33!) design examples. The design procedures now also cover an expanded 15 end-plate configurations. This Design Guide serves as a comprehensive resource for the understanding and design of end-plate moment connections.

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